SGNA Participation Opportunities

Active SGNA Member
If you are a resident, property owner, business licensee, or a representative of a nonprofit organization who resides or conducts business within the boundaries of the association and have reached the age of 18 you are already a member.

Your opportunities as a member of SGNA range from attending SGNA meetings, to volunteering at community events, to participating in one of our active committees.

SGNA Board Member
Becoming a volunteer board member is a great way to create new skills. Or if you have a special talent in an area, volunteering offers opportunities to expand and hone your skills. Volunteering not only helps out your community, but it keeps your skills fresh and allows you to build your resume in a way thatís consistent with your overall work history.

To find out more about volunteering with SGNA you are welcome to email us for more info or you can attend one of our regular monthly meetings and see for yourself.


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What is the purpose of a Neighborhood Association?
  • To promote community planning through neighborhood participation
  • To advise City Council and City Staff on planning and environmental issues
  • To promote the livability of the neighborhood for all

Who Are We?
We are the South Gateway Neighborhood Association. As an organization we are not an official division of the City of Salem, rather we provide input on the formulation of plans and on the plans themselves.

Whether it is a development, a park, street widening, we review site plans, read planning documents, talk to experts and come to conclusions on what is best for our area and communicate our recommendations to the City of Salem.

As a group we consider the viewpoints of all property holders as we evaluate the plans. Often the best input that we get is from residents who live here and experience changes on a daily basis. By working together in this fashion we are able to influence the process to the benefit of our area.

Livability means different things to different people, so it is up to you to get involved!


2nd Thursday, 6:30 p.m.

Battle Creek Elementary School

1640 Waln Dr. SE
Salem, OR  97306


Share Your Voice
How do you find out what your Neighborhood Association is doing these days and how to get involved? Contact us to find out more.

Contact Information
SGNA Chair, Glenn Baly

SGNA Vice Chair, TJ Sullivan

SGNA Treasurer, Jerry Bennett

SGNA Secretary, Scott Bassett

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Neighborhood Services Specialist:
Irma Dowd (503) 540-2303 

City Council Ward: 4 - Steve McCoid

Police District: 10 
Salem Police Non-Emergency (503) 588-6123


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